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Eternal Meiji

user: thegreatmaster
date: 2008-01-12 00:24
subject: (no subject)
security: Public
since i have done little to nothing with this i'm withdrawing from the community. i am so sorry to have wasted everyones time and mashed any chance of making this more fun.
thank you and good bye to all.
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Enishi Yukishiro posting in Eternal Meiji
user: enishirulesall
date: 2007-06-14 20:38
subject: November 15, 1878, Late-Afternoon/Evening, 3 Hours South of Aoimori
security: Public
location3 Hours South of Aoimori
tags:enishi, kaoru
My stomach was pleasantly full (courtesy of the lunch we just shared without me having to use chop sticks to impale the hand of any nearby fiends) as was the evening's agenda.

Wandering the streets for only a few moments I was able to locate a finely dressed couple in their late fifties. After inquiring where they bought their clothes I led Kaoru to the finest upscale clothing shop in the district. I'll always be grateful to the Chinese family that took me in and introduced me to the finer aspects of life that only the rich could ever afford. I don't regret killing them, they needed to learn that materialism is nothing. You can't take your riches with you when you die.

But they certainly are fun to enjoy in the present.

Speaking of treasures...there was a beautiful display of necklaces. What better way to show a bunch of mobsters that the young woman in my company is truly mine? It's natural that someone in the Yakuza would show affection not so much by actions but by possessions. We're supposed to be a group of heartless bastards, so naturally cold stones of beauty is how we would showcase those important to us.

"Kaoru," I say in a quiet voice, that to the innocent bystander would think sounded affectionate. "What do you think of this?" I ask holding up the necklace.

There are a few more in the display case. "Or would you prefer either of the others?" I ask with a small smile, making sure that my eyes crinkle with the act. I gesture towards another sapphire necklace and a lovely unique shaped diamond that must have been of Western design. "Money is no object. I only want the most beautiful to adorn you, the most beautiful."

I bet Himura was never able to buy her these things. I know, deep in my heart, that she'll one day return to him. So for now, I'll take advantage of the situation and spoil her as much as I can.
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user: love_hotaru
date: 2007-06-10 20:26
subject: November 15, 1878 -Evening, Kanda Temple
security: Public
tags:hotaru, okita, sano, tokio
The walk to Kanda temple was pretty much, how should I put this...lively and very, very, very chatty. Tsutomu-san particularly, was asking these questions. Then again, I guess at his age, it's normal, ne? And Tatsuo-san, our celebrant was like the former's shadow, hopping-running-hopping after his brother.

"We're almost there," I say over my back as we ascend up the flight of stone stairs.

Eiji, the oldest looks very responsible and  I could tell he was watching after his brothers very carefully even though he didn't say or talk much. Ah, I think he is going to grow up as a good man.

And then there's Tsuyoshi, I still can't forget how strong his eyes were. It was apparent earlier, but now I can see how affectionate he is towards his mother. That's a good thing, I think.

The shrine's facade welcomes us, along with other patrons and their young children. It wasn't very crowded though, and the evening air feels cool on my face.

"It's a fine night, ne Tatsuo-san?"
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user: simply_soujiro
date: 2007-06-07 17:20
subject: November 15th,1878 - Afternoon to Evening - On the Road - Red Light District
security: Public
tags:aoshi, katsu, megumi, soujiro
After saying our farewells, we left Tokio's house and headed on our way. The weather is a bit chilly. I'm sure the nights will be cold. I need to head back to the teahouse but before that..."Tsukioka-san," I interrupt the silence. 

"I have some stops I need to make along the way. Would you like to accompany me or head on ahead? I need to check up on the okiya before I head back to the teahouse. Some of our geishas might not have made it home safely last night. Part of my job."
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user: tsunan_tsukioka
date: 2007-05-30 19:31
subject: November 15th,1878 - Noon - Tokio's House
security: Public
locationAunt's Place
music:Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day
tags:hotaru, katsu, soujiro, tokio
"I thought you needed the exercise"


Sighing I sit down on the tatami, giving a forlorn look at Watanuki-san, I ask her, "how do you survive her lessons?"

She giggles, "Sada-sensei is a good teacher and mentor. She can be a bit... eccentric." She coughs, "she must really care for you a lot Tsukioka-san, I've never seen her this happy before."

Her face then takes on a nervous mien as said topic of our conversation ushers the others in.
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Kamatari Honjo posting in Eternal Meiji
user: kamatari_honjo
date: 2007-05-24 17:40
subject: November 15, 1878 - On the road
security: Public
tags:kamatari, misao, saitou

A safe prediction for putting together three people with such different personality traits -such as wolfish Saitou, weasel-chan Misao and me- would have been: ripped throats and glares of doom

Surprisingly so, things are going pretty well, at least for now. The glares are present, of course, but I think I'm already inmune to those. 

I am scouting the area on my own for now, but will soon meet up with Saitou and Misao. I hope they manage to keep themselves from killing each other. Or hitting on each other, whatever happens first. 

Last time we talked,  we detected an spy on our tracks. 

But I haven't spotted anyone yet. I wonder what news my traveling companions have. 

ooc: Permission to start thread and tag Saitou and Misao!! Will gladly edit if that's the case.
ooc2: argh. I'm trying to link back to previous entry but the lj cuts keep failing me. will try later.

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Kamiya Kaoru 神谷薫 posting in Eternal Meiji
user: azurescent
date: 2007-05-23 02:00
subject: November 15, 1878 - Noon, Somewhere on the way to Aoimori
security: Public
tags:enishi, kaoru
I feel the carriage's speed slowing down and eventually, the fading clickity-clack of the horses' hooves tells me we have stopped. Peering through the small glass window, I realize we are in front of a restaurant.

And as if on cue, my stomach makes a sound.

My eyes fall on its source and a free hand goes over it.

What the hell would you do if Yukishiro heard that?

Be still you! Quiet!

I look outside once again and see a couple of people go inside the restaurant. The open doors gives me a little peek inside the establishment.

Lively place, I tell myself and realize I was in my gi and hakama.

A small crumple on my forehead.


"Hey Yukishiro!" I call him from behind where I knew he would be sitting. "Whatever you do, don't open the door unless I tell you, understand?"

I blink a few times while waiting for an answer. Well, he probably did hear it.

With that, I start looking for a decent kimono in my baggage and upon finding one, I start to slip out of my gi.
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Kenshin Himura posting in Eternal Meiji
user: gentle_rurouni
date: 2007-05-22 14:19
subject: Kamiya Dojo, Morning, November 15, 2878
security: Public
music:Animal I've Become - Three Days Grace
Kaoru's letter pretty much left me shook up. I'd been going through my morning rituals not quite awake when I found it. Nasty little shocker that one. So yeah, here I am staring blankly at the white parchment on my fingers, head spinning, mind buzzing. There were so many hidden meanings and kami I've got so many thoughts right now I don't even know where to begin!

Finally after the shock subsided, the first thing that crossed my mind was ofcourse it had something to do with Enishi. According to my conversation with Soujiro they were sighted together weren't they? Yes, Yukishiro definitely had something to do with this.

That decided, I tore through the dojo, upending tables, futons...Basically anything I can get my hands on. Hoping they might have left some clue as to where they'd gone. I might've broken something in my haste but I'll fix it later. I can't really find myself caring so much about pissing Kaoru off when I'm on the brink of losing it anyway.

Rolled up futon...Nothing. Neatly folded blankets...Nothing. Kitchen...Nothing. Kaoru's clothes and equipment...missing. Kaoru's bokken...missing.

That girl...what the hell was she thinking?!

I am alright, please do not worry about me. I am doing this for your sake. Please, let me take care and protect you this time around.

And what an idiot I am for trusting Yukishiro enough to let my guard down! Dammit! Kaoru, you better not do anything reckless!

Slamming the last shelf closed, I sank down on the floor panting harshly. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Of all the days to wake up late why did it have to be today?! If I'd known I never would've...Damn you Yukishiro! If something happens to Kaoru I'll fucking rip you--"Oi, Kenshin? Kenshin! You home?"
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sano_sagara posting in Eternal Meiji
user: sano_sagara
date: 2007-05-19 21:52
subject: Visiting the Kamiya Dojo, Morning, November 15, 2878
security: Public
locationKamiya Dojo
music:Raindrops pattering against my window
I can't believe that I've been back in Tokyo this long already, and I've only been to the dojo once.

Of course, that visit went rather strangely. Stranger still was seeing my younger brother there. I know I haven't gotten the full story on that one, either. I didn't even get to see Kenshin.

So after a quick breakfast, I stroll my way over to the dojo. Once there, I just jump over the back gate--just like old times.

"Oi, Kenshin? Kenshin! You home?" I call out as I walk across the yard toward the engawa.
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Megumi Takani posting in Eternal Meiji
user: foxladymeg
date: 2007-05-14 18:46
subject: November 15, 1878, Morning
security: Public
tags:aoshi, megumi
I'm all packed and ready to go, just waiting on a certain ninja so we can go off gallivanting after the little weasel, wolf, and a girly-man.

I hope he doesn't expect me to walk all the way! A gentleman would have arranged for horses...

Waiting on Shinomori
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